The global explorers club

Discover the World Together

Imagine what it would be like to connect with your children over stories, food, music, art, handicrafts, and games and to share in the wonder and discovery of our world?

Embark on an “Around the World” adventure with the Global Explorers Club, a secular homeschooling curriculum. Dive into engaging hands-on lessons and activities, all thoughtfully planned to make your homeschooling journey a breeze. With dedicated unit planners for each country, stay organized and savor every moment of your family’s global exploration.


Discover North America: A Comprehensive Unit Study
Discover South America: A Comprehensive Unit Study

Things You’ll Love About Global Explorers

It’s Engaging.

With engaging stories and living books, creative art prompts, and many hands-on learning opportunities, you’ll help nurture your children’s passion for learning while exploring our wonderfully diverse world.

It’s Organized.

An easy-to-follow curriculum takes the stress out of planning. Each unit study has been carefully curated and organized for you in an online curriculum planning tool, freeing up your time to enjoy the learning journey alongside your children.

It’s Flexible.

You have the freedom to move through the Global Explorers unit studies at your own pace, guilt-free. Plus,. the curriculum planning tools allow you to easily customize each unit study to your family’s needs.