Africa: Infinity Street

Infinity Street: A Place Value Activity


Dive into the world of units, tens, hundreds, thousands, and millions with Infinity Street, a Montessori-inspired place value activity where each house represents a unique number family. As children work with Infinity Street, they develop a deeper understanding of numeration and place value.

Designed for both home educators and elementary teachers, this comprehensive package covers several essential math skills while exploring country populations throughout Africa.

  • 3 Infinity Street houses, representing the simple family, the thousands family, and the millions family
  • 24 task cards divided into 5 sets, each focusing on a specific math concept
  • 16 African country population cards, with both color-coded and a non-color-coded options available
  • 2 Infinity Street place value mats
  • 2 Sums & Differences place value mats

Print the Infinity Street activities on cardstock. Cut out the Infinity Street houses and mailboxes, along with the task cards and country population cards. Laminate the materials for durability.

Both the country population cards and task cards may be stored on a ring binder clip for easy organization. Once the place value mats are laminated, students are able to write on them using a dry-erase marker or Stabilo crayon.

Infinity Street is a Montessori-inspired place value activity. Along Infinity Street are houses that represent each number family, starting with the simple house, followed by the thousand house, the million house, the billion house, etc. Within each house live the units, the tens, and the hundreds.

As children work with Infinity Street by building the country populations and completing the included task cards, they will develop a deeper understanding of numeration and place value.

What you get

With your purchase

Infinity Street offers a structured and engaging approach to understanding place value. With this activity, you will receive three Infinity Street houses, along with sixteen African country population cards, color-coded place value mats, and five sets of task cards to facilitate self-directed place value learning.

  • Through hands-on exploration with the Infinity Street houses, students will gain proficiency in hierarchical numbers, from units to millions. This skill is essential for reading, writing, and working with numbers of varying magnitudes.
  • By using country population data, students have the opportunity to compare and analyze country populations, which can lead to discussions about the relationship between population size and geographic regions.
  • The included task cards challenge students to arrange country populations in order, promoting valuable sequencing and ordering skills. Students will also sharpen their arithmetic skills by finding sums and differences between country populations and become proficient in rounding numbers into the millions.
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Task Card Overview



These task cards challenge students to arrange countries in order based on their population sizes, enhancing their skills in numerical sequencing and ordering.


Place Value

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These task cards help children become proficient in rounding numbers into the millions. This essential math skill aids in estimation and simplifying complex numerical values.


Sums & Differences

Students will sharpen their arithmetic skills by finding sums and differences between country populations.


Number Representation

These task cards help students become proficient in representing numbers in different ways (e.g. expanded form, word form, expanded notation, etc.).

Cross-Curricular Learning

As students work with populations from different countries, they may become curious about different cultures, languages, and regions. This can spark discussions about global diversity and encourage cultural awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Infinity Street is designed for elementary-age students, typically ranging from grades 1 to 5. However, it can easily be adapted to suit various skill levels.

It can be helpful to have Montessori bead bars or a similar manipulative object available for younger children. Otherwise, students may simply write the numbers into each of the place value boxes.

Yes, the Global Explorers Infinity Street activities align with educational standards, including Common Core State Standards for mathematics. It addresses standards related to place value, addition, subtraction, and numerical fluency.

I take pride in delivering high-quality digital resources. Kindly be aware that, as a digital product provider, I am unable to process returns.

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