Art supplies for drawing and coloring for homeschoolers

Art Supplies List

In this post I’m sharing some of the best art supplies to have at home. Whether you’re just getting started in establishing an art studio at home for your family, or you’re looking for a few new art materials to try, I hope you’ll find this list of art supplies helpful.

Art is integrated throughout the Global Explorers curriculum. From artist studies to notebooking and journaling prompts, creative map work, coloring sheets, and bookmaking, there’s a ton of opportunities for children and families to engage in a variety of art activities together.

What Materials Do I Need for Art?

Below you’ll find a list of some of our favorite art supplies to encourage creativity. But, by all means, you do not need to have everything on the list. If you’re just starting out, grab a few basic art supplies — something for drawing, something for coloring, something for painting. Add in some paper, scissors, and glue, and you’re good to go for the most part.

In truth, the most important materials needed for art — courage and creativity — are not able to be purchased. Rather, they are virtues that must be cultivated through practice and perseverance. By making art an integral part of your family’s life, you’ll help foster your children’s courage to experiment, try new things, and make mistakes and nurture their creativity to see new possibilities and to imagine what can be.

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The Ultimate Art Supplies List

Here are some of our top art supplies that I recommend to have at home. Investing in art helps nurture your child’s creativity and self confidence.

Art Supplies List

Drawing and Coloring

Art Supplies List


  • Watercolor paint: Stockmar is a favorite since the colors remain bright and rarely appear muddy. We’ve also used this brand and this brand with success.
  • Gouache paint: Gouache is a cool painting medium to introduce to kids. It pairs well with watercolors. Plus, you can explore the differences between opaque and transparent.
  • Acrylic paint: Acrylic paint comes in tubes or you can also invest in acrylic paint pens. My kids enjoy using the paint pens for rock painting, cardboard painting, and wood painting.
  • Paint brushes: Grab a pack of paint brushes with different shapes and sizes. Here’s a quick overview about how to choose paint brushes.
  • Watercolor paper: Canson has been our preferred brand. Watercolor postcards are a lot of fun, too. I recommend cutting full-size watercolor paper into a variety of halves, fourths, and eighths.
  • Micron pens: Micron pens are waterproof, allowing kids to trace their art and then add paint.
  • Old brushes, sponges, salt, etc.: Experiment with different objects to add texture to paintings.
Art Supplies List


  • Modeling clay: Practice making basic forms with modeling clay. ökoNORM is a favorite. My children also love the book Modeling Clay with 3 Basic Shapes.
  • Modeling beeswax: Modeling beeswax provides a wonderful sensory experience for children.
  • Air dry modeling clay: Air dry modeling clay can be used to make small trinkets and ornaments.
  • Modeling tools: Children can use modeling tools to further refine and add finer details to their clay projects.
  • Play dough: Younger kids will often find play dough easier to manipulate than clay, and it offers the same modeling benefits.
Art Supplies List

General Use

  • Construction paper: Tru-Ray is a quality brand that offers a nice variety of colors.
  • Scissors: In addition to a quality pair of scissors, look into purchasing a set of edge scissors, too.
  • Stencils: A basic set of shape stencils is essential for kids.
  • Glue: Glue is a must for mixed media art, collages, notebooking, and journaling.
  • Hole punches: Different shape hole punches like these can also be used for mixed media art and collages.
  • Tissue paper: Tissue paper is another fun addition to collages and other artwork. It can also be used to make piñatas.
  • Toned paper: You can use recycled brown paper bags, Kraft paper, etc. Just something that allows children to experiment with a toned background.
  • Cardboard: Recycled cardboard is another fun art supply that’s free. In addition to it being a really cool building material, children can also use cardboard for many art projects. Here are just a few ideas from The Artful Parent.
  • Miniature canvases: Canvases feel professional, and children absolutely love them. These miniature ones also make adorable Christmas ornaments.

Want to see some examples of the fun art activities that are part of the Global Explorers curriculum? Be sure to follow along as our family explores drawing, painting, printmaking and more — all inspired by artists around the world! You’ll find all the latest art ideas, projects, and tutorials in the Art Projects section of our website.

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If you’d like a hard copy of our art supplies list to keep on hand as a reference, I’ve got you covered! You can download a free copy of the list by clicking the button below.

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Art Supplies List

Before you go, here’s a free printable copy of the Global Explorers Art Supplies List to keep as a handy reference.

Do you have any favorite art supplies you’d like to share with us? Feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email with all the details. We’re always looking for more fun art materials to incorporate into our creative endeavors!