A child is working with the Global Explorers' Infinity Street activity pack to learn about place value while building country populations.

Infinity Street: Place Value Task Cards

Infinity Street

Working with country populations from around the world, Infinity Street is a Montessori-inspired place value activity that helps children become comfortable reading and building numbers into the millions as well as adding, subtracting, and rounding hierarchical numbers.

Understanding place value is essential for mathematical proficiency. With Infinity Street, your child will develop a solid foundation in hierarchical numbers while exploring population numbers for different countries.

What is Infinity Street?

Infinity Street is a Montessori-inspired place value activity. Along Infinity Street are houses that represent each number family, starting with the simple house, followed by the thousand house, the million house, the billion house, etc. Within each house live the units, the tens, and the hundreds. As children work with Infinity Street, they develop a deeper understanding of numeration and place value.

The Global Explorers Club: Infinity Street

What’s Included

  • Country population cards
  • Infinity Street task cards
  • Infinity Street houses and mailboxes
  • Infinity Street place value mat
  • Infinity Street sums and differences mat

Infinity Street Place Value Task Card Activities

  • Build the Population Number on Infinity Street – Lay out the Infinity Street houses and mailboxes in the correct order. Then, using either bead bars or math cubes, students can build each number on Infinity Street.
  • Practice Identifying the Position of a Digit – With these task cards, students can practice identifying which digit is in which place value position by first using the Infinity Street houses and then proceeding to the place value mat. Older students may simply use the country population cards to complete these task card prompts.
  • Practice Rounding Hierarchical Numbers – For this activity, students will practice rounding each country population to a designated place value. Students who are new to rounding can use the place value mat for assistance. Others can use the country population cards to practice reading each estimated number, then writing the estimated number down in standard form.
  • Ordering – Here, students can order the country population cards from least to greatest or greatest to least.
  • Finding Sums and Differences– These task card prompts challenge students to select two different countries and either find the sum or difference in their populations. Students may use the “Sums and Differences” mat to help solve these equations.
  • Practice Writing Numbers in Different Forms – Students are challenged to write each country population number in expanded form, word form, and expanded notation form.
A child learns how to round country populations to different place value positions using the Global Explorers Club's Infinity Street activity pack.
A child practices finding sums and differences with country populations from around the world using the Global Explorers Club's Infinity Street printable.

Some tips for preparing the Infinity Street activities

  1. Print the Infinity Street activities.
  2. Next, laminate the Infinity Street houses, mailboxes, cards, and mats. Now students are able to write on them using a dry-erase marker or Stabilo crayon. I prefer the latter as it’s much easier to remove.
  3. Then hole punch the country population cards and place them on a ring binder clip. Do the same for the place value task cards.
  4. Group the materials together and place them on a shelf or in your child’s learning basket. We keep all of our Infinity Street materials in a photo storage container, with a small basket of bead bars located nearby.
  5. Now students are able to select a task card and complete the activity using the provided materials.

Don’t have bead bars or math cubes? No worries! You can substitute any other manipulative, or simply have your students write the number in each house along Infinity Street.

How to Download the Global Explorers Infinity Street Activity Pack

These Infinity Street activity packs are exclusively available to members of the Global Explorers Club. Simply visit the Resource Library today, then click the continent bundle that you have purchased to view and download all the supplemental resources available to you.

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