North America: Market Math Task Cards

Market Math Task Cards


Looking to make math more engaging and meaningful for your elementary students? Master the concept of money and grocery shopping with our North America Market Math Task Cards!

With 60 unique task cards divided into six sets, this activity provides a practical way for kids to understand money, make calculations, and learn to make change confidently, all while becoming familiar with some of the most popular grocery items found in North America.

You will receive 4 grocery lists and 60 self-correcting task cards divided into six sets. Each set focuses on different math concepts.

Print on cardstock. In order for the task cards to be self-correcting, you must use double-sided printing. The price lists should be printed using single-sided printing. Laminate for increased durability.

Beginning with Set 1, students will solve the different math problems presented on each task card, using the grocery price lists to obtain the necessary information.

What you get

With your purchase

You will receive 60 self-correcting task cards divided into six sets that allow students to practice essential math skills using real-life grocery shopping scenarios, from budgeting to calculating costs.

  • Help students build confidence in handling money, making change, and understanding the value of different grocery items.
  • Sets cover a wide range of math concepts, offering something for everyone, whether it’s basic calculations or more complex problem-solving.
  • Encourage critical thinking and decision-making as students determine the best grocery purchases within a budget.
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Market Math Concepts



These task cards introduce elementary students to foundational addition skills by requiring them to add the prices of multiple grocery items.



These task cards introduce the concept of multiplication as repeated addition to elementary students. Solving these problems encourages students to think multiplicatively.



These task cards focus on developing foundational subtraction skills. Each card presents a scenario where students must subtract the cost of a grocery item from a certain amount of money.


Multi-Step Problems

These task cards challenge students to engage in multi-step problem-solving. Each combines addition (calculating the total cost of items) and subtraction (determining the change) within a single question, encouraging students to think sequentially and logically.


Money Management

These task cards introduce students to basic money management skills. They need to select items, determine their total cost, and calculate the change they will receive, fostering problem-solving skills.


Budgeting Skills

These task cards encourage students to develop budgeting skills by determining how to maximize the value of their money. They need to strategize and make choices that allow them to purchase the most groceries possible within a fixed budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can seamlessly integrate these task cards into your math curriculum by using them as supplementary practice or as a hands-on learning activity. They are also perfect for homeschooling families and can be tailored to align with your specific curriculum goals.

The North America Market Math Task Cards cover a range of math concepts, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and problem-solving. They are designed to provide a well-rounded math learning experience using real-life grocery shopping scenarios, from budgeting to calculating costs.

These task cards are designed for elementary-age students, typically ranging from grades 1 to 5. However, they can be adapted to suit various skill levels.

These task cards come with grocery price lists, which are the primary reference materials needed. You may also want to have basic math supplies like pencils and paper on hand for students to work out their calculations. Additionally, you can use real or play money for added realism.

Yes, answers are provided for each set of task cards, allowing for easy checking and self-correction. This helps students learn from their mistakes and build independence in their math skills.

Yes, these task cards align with Common Core State Standards for mathematics, particularly within the Operations and Algebraic Thinking domain. They address standards related to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and problem-solving.

I take pride in delivering high-quality digital resources. Kindly be aware that, as a digital product provider, I am unable to process returns.

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