How to Get Started with Global Explorers

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with Global Explorers and begin discovering the world together as a family.

Download the Global Explorers PDF files.

Once you purchase a Global Explorers unit study, these files will become immediately available to you.

Read the “How to Use Global Explorers” document.

This document provides a general overview of the Global Explorers curriculum, including a list of the printable resources, a step-by-step checklist on how to set up the Notion template, a subject-by-subject list of recommended books and resources, as well as the suggested literature studies for each country.

Set up the Notion template.

You can find the complete step-by-step guide on how to set up the Notion template here.

Preview and print any of the supplemental resources you plan on using.

I find it’s helpful to go ahead and print as many copies as you anticipate needing for the entire unit study. For example, if you’ll be filling out the Global Explorers journal pages together, then you’ll only need one copy for each country. Conversely, if each member of the family would like to complete their own journal, then you’ll need to print out “x” times the amount of sheets per country.

Global Explorers Printable Resources:

  • Country Study Overview Sheets
  • Global Explorers Journal Pages
  • Global Explorers Boarding Passes
  • Student Reading Tickets + Book Log
  • Global Shopping List + Recipe Cards
  • Map Drill Sheets
  • Sentence Strategies Worksheets
  • Student Vocabulary Journal
  • Virtues Poster

Become familiar with the curriculum guide.

Take a few minutes to look over how each unit study is organized. If you’re using the Global Explorers Notion template, you’ll receive access to a prep list for each country, as well as a library book log, suggested learning activities, lesson plans, and learning extensions.

Aesthetic Notion Templates for the Global Explorers elementary homeschool curriculum

Each country study includes most, if not all, of the following:

  • A folk tale
  • An artist and/or musician study
  • A country-specific book list
  • Map work activities
  • A book discussion guide
  • Related science extensions
  • A “Making Words” spelling activity
  • A recommended virtue
  • Writing journal prompts
  • Learning extension ideas

Establish a routine.

While a suggested weekly schedule is included in the Notion template for your convenience, I strongly recommend establishing one that best aligns with your family’s schedule. Use the one provided as a base, and then make changes to it as necessary. Routines may take awhile to establish, and this is perfectly okay. In the beginning, set small goals for your family, prioritize what’s most important, be consistent, establish clear expectations, and, most importantly, have fun!