On this page you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Global Explorers curriculum.

Common Questions about Global Explorers

What ages can use the Global Explorers curriculum?
Global Explorers is designed to be used by families with elementary-age students. Because the program is completely flexible and customizable, it’s easy to make changes as needed based on the needs of your children.

What subjects are included?
Global Explorers is a literature-based supplemental program that includes concepts from the following subjects: language arts, geography and culture, creative arts, and character education. Additionally, applicable science topics are suggested for each country. A list of ways to implement practical math exercises to correspond with each country of study is also included.

To ensure all student learning objectives are covered in full, I recommend using a complete language arts and mathematics curriculum with each child. You can find a complete list of resources for both here.

How flexible is the curriculum?
Since it’s designed to be 100% flexible, Global Explorers offers your family the ability to set your own pace for your adventure around the world. Each unit study includes suggested activities and learning extensions across a variety of subjects.

Some families may spend 1-2 weeks working through the activities that appeal to them the most and then move on to another country, while other families may opt to move more slowly, incorporating additional learning extensions along the way.

Therefore, I suggest allowing your family’s schedule and the needs of your children to ultimately determine the pace and breadth of your global learning adventure.

How is the Global Explorers program organized?
Global Explorers utilizes Notion, an all-in-one workspace that allows users to plan, take notes, move lessons around, add bookmarks, embed videos, and more.

Every country study typically includes a recommended book to read along with a discussion guide, a folk tale, an artist and/or music study, a corresponding science topic, a virtue, and a “Making Words” activity along with links to other relevant online resources to explore.

What makes the Global Explorers curriculum unique is the completely customizable database that gives your family the flexibility to adjust each unit study to your needs. The curriculum template provides a base structured learning plan that you can then adapt at will. Easily add in supplemental resources you stumble upon, save web bookmarks and videos, update book lists — the list goes on and on.

What comes with my purchase of each Global Explorers unit?
Upon your purchase of each Global Explorers unit, you will receive a downloadable PDF file that includes weekly overview sheets for each country, along with any printable resources that can be used alongside your studies. Additionally, you will receive access to the corresponding Global Explorers curriculum template on Notion.

What is Notion? Do I have to use it?
Notion is an all-in-one online workspace that simplifies curriculum planning and record-keeping. While it’s not required, I do highly recommend trying it since the curriculum templates provide you with so much information and allow you to add your own personal notes and bookmarks as desired. Notion is 100% free to use.

Is this curriculum accredited?
No. Global Explorers is a supplemental learning program that is designed to encourage collaborative learning in a fun, relaxed, and engaging manner.

What books and resources will I need?
You can see the list of recommended books and resources here and here.

What are the rules regarding the Global Explorers curriculum and its corresponding resources?
No part of the Global Explorers curriculum, the Global Explorers templates on Notion, or any other downloadable material from Global Explorers may be shared, forwarded, blogged, or otherwise reproduced without express written permission from Jillian Nutter.

Not only is it not nice, but it’s also illegal. I ask all users to please respect our copyright. Additionally, if you happen to see the Global Explorers program files being shared, please speak up.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Feel free to send an email to hello@globalexplorersclub.com for additional support.