North America

Global Explorers: North America

Grab your passports and begin exploring North America with the Global Explorers Club, a family-style “Around the World” homeschooling curriculum designed specially for elementary-age children. Together, you’ll learn about different peoples and their cultures and share engaging stories and folk tales from around the world. You’ll meet artists and musicians, sample global cuisine, create art, and play games together.

Imagine what it would be like to participate in hands-on, cross-curricular learning with your family? To connect over stories, food, music, art, handicrafts, and games? To share in the wonder and discovery of our world?

Make the most out of each Global Explorers unit study with suggested lessons and learning activities, all conveniently planned out for you. Most importantly, an online and completely flexible unit planner for each country helps you stay organized, giving you more time to enjoy your family’s trek through North America.

We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.

Maria montessori

The Global Explorers Club promotes cross-curricular learning, which allows children to make meaningful, real-world connections throughout their studies.

The Global Explorers Club

Subjects Included

  • Geography and Culture
  • Language Arts and Literature
  • Character Education
  • Science
  • Practical Math
  • Music
  • Arts and Handicrafts
  • Cooking

Global Explorers: North America Unit Studies

First, you’ll begin your journey through North America with a short introductory unit on world geography. You’ll meet Robert Bateman, begin your very own nature journal, start learning about animal classification, and consider the importance of names, using Alma Flor Ada’s book My Name is Maria Isabel as a guide. You’ll learn how to draw a compass rose and research the meaning and etymology of your name before completing your very own name painting.

Then you’re off to Canada, where you’ll meet Ted Harrison and learn about landscape painting; explore printmaking with Kenojuak Ashevak; bake bannock bread in Cooking Class; and discuss the principles of learning while reading Nicola I. Campbell’s book Shi-shi-etko and Neekna and Chemai by Jeannette Armstrong. Your family will investigate animal adaptations and begin to explore the world’s biomes, starting with Canada’s Great Bear Rain Forest.

In Mexico you’ll explore son jarocho music with the Villalobos Brothers, meet Frida Kahlo and practice painting self-portraits, learn how to make arroz con leche, discuss food chains, learn about the desert ecosystem, make a piñata, and much more!

And that’s just to start! With a total of 14 unit studies, your family will have all the support and resources you need to explore North America.

North America Unit Studies

  • Introduction to World Geography
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Introduction to the Caribbean
  • Cuba
  • Puerto Rico
  • Jamaica
  • Haiti
  • Dominican Republic
  • Saint Lucia

Things You’ll Love About the Curriculum

It’s Engaging.

With engaging stories and living books, creative art prompts, and many hands-on learning opportunities, you’ll help nurture your children’s passion for learning while exploring our wonderfully diverse world.

It’s Organized.

An easy-to-follow curriculum takes the stress out of planning. Each unit study has been carefully curated and organized for you in an online curriculum planning tool, freeing up your time to enjoy the learning journey alongside your children. 

It’s Flexible.

You have the freedom to move through the Global Explorers curriculum at your own pace, guilt-free. The curriculum planning tools allow you to easily customize each unit study to your family’s needs.

You’ll also receive more than a dozen printable resources to use throughout your study of North America, including the Global Explorers Journal to document your family’s journey, sentence strategy worksheets tailored to each country and folk tale, boarding passes, reading tickets, recipe cards, and more!

Global Explorers: North America

Print Resources

  • Country Study Overview Sheets
  • Global Connections Discussion Questions
  • Global Explorers Journal Pages
  • Literature Discussion Guides
  • Student Vocabulary Journal
  • Global Explorers Boarding Passes
  • Student Reading Tickets + Book Log
  • Global Shopping List + Recipe Cards
  • Map Drill Sheets
  • Sentence Strategies Worksheets
  • Virtues Poster
  • Country Population Place Value Cards
  • North America Stationary Paper


Curriculum Planning Tools

The Global Explorers program utilizes Notion to make homeschool planning, organization, and record-keeping a breeze.

Upon your purchase of the North America unit, you’ll receive access to the specially designed Notion curriculum template. It’s a flexible, all-in-one workspace that allows you to easily keep track of each unit study and make changes as needed.

Curriculum Planning Tools

Prep List

The prep list for each unit study lists what materials you’ll need along with what materials to print. When applicable, links are included for your convenience. 

Book List

Each country-specific book list includes a list of recommended books. You can easily keep track of which books are available to you at your local library, which books you’re currently reading, and which books you’ve finished. Together, your family can also rate each book you’ve read and add additional notes if desired. 

Unit Study Task List

The task list provides a general overview of the suggested activities and lessons for each country. You can filter by subject, record the dates, and check each lesson as complete. Again, applicable links to online resources are included for your convenience. 

Global Explorers Course Schedule

In the Course Schedule, you’ll find comprehensive lesson plans for all the suggested activities included in the North America program. You may filter the course schedule by country and/or subject. TIP: At the beginning of each unit study, add planned dates for each lesson. Then switch to a calendar view for a nice visual of the upcoming unit’s lessons. Not able to complete a lesson on the planned date? No worries, just drag and drop it to a later date!

Learning Extensions

While some suggested learning extensions are included for each country, I highly recommend using this space to quickly jot down any topics that spark an interest among your children. If they ask a question during read-aloud time, this is the place to record it and then encourage your kids to investigate it further.


Notion makes it incredibly easy to embed bookmarks to related online resources and videos. Here’s the spot to save any related videos you’d like to watch, art activities you’d like to try, etc.


As you work your way through the Global Explorers unit studies, you can bookmark recipes your family would like to try for each country in the Global Recipe Box, create and track daily homeschooling routines, keep a daily homeschooling journal, etc.

Join the Global Explorers Club today and begin your family’s adventure through North America!

the global explorers club

North America

Let’s discover North America together with specially-designed country unit studies that include literature, art, music, geography and culture, character education, science, handicrafts, and cooking. Best of all, a unit planner for each country helps you stay organized, freeing up more of your time to enjoy your family’s global learning adventure.

Here’s a quick guide on getting started with the Global Explorers program. If you have any additional questions, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.