South America

Global Explorers: South America

Grab your passports and begin exploring South America with the Global Explorers Club, a family-style “Around the World” homeschooling curriculum designed specially for elementary-age children. Together, you’ll learn about different peoples and their cultures and share engaging stories and folk tales from around the world. You’ll meet artists and musicians, sample global cuisine, create art, and play games together.

The Global Explorers Club: South America Unit Study

You’ll begin your trek through South America in Venezuela, alongside the famous explorer Alexander von Humboldt. You’ll read about his journey along the Orinoco River, study the ecosystem of the Andes, meet Teresa Carreño, and explore Angel Falls, the world’s tallest waterfall.

Next, you’ll head to Colombia where you’ll read Juana & Lucas together, meet teacher and librarian Luis Soriano Bohórquez, begin to study the Inka Empire and its legacy, explore cumbia music, and learn how to make empanadas.

In Ecuador, you’ll continue your adventures with Alexander von Humboldt, learn about Andean music, meet artist Julio Toaquiza, and study Charles Darwin and the Galápagos Islands. You’ll work with basic mapping skills, including latitude and longitude, create your own fieldwork journal, investigate ocean and wind currents, vegetative zones, and more.

When you study Peru, you’ll meet Julio C. Tello and begin learning about archeology, continue to explore the Inka Empire, make clay llamas, try your hand at Peruvian embroidery, and make Papas a la Huancaina in cooking class.

And that’s just to start! With a total of 9 unit studies, your family will have all the support and resources you need to explore South America.

South America Unit Studies

  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Paraguay
  • Brazil
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Subjects Included

  • Geography and Culture
  • Language Arts
  • Character Education
  • Science
  • Practical Math
  • Music
  • Arts and Handicrafts
  • Cooking

You’ll also receive more than a dozen printable resources to use throughout your study of South America, including the Global Explorers Journal to document your family’s study of each country; sentence strategy worksheets based on Judith C. Hochman’s The Writing Revolution method; “Making Words” lists to be used for spelling games, food chain pyramid templates, boarding passes, reading tickets, recipe cards, and more!

Curriculum Planning Tools

The Global Explorers Club utilizes Notion to make homeschool planning, organization, and record-keeping a breeze. When you purchase a curriculum unit, you’ll receive access to the Global Explorers Club’s Notion template, a flexible, all-in-one online workspace that allows you to easily keep track of each unit study and make changes as needed.

Join the Global Explorers Club today and begin your family’s adventure through South America!

The Global explorers club

South America

Discover South America with specially-designed country unit studies that include literature, art, music, geography and culture, character education, science, handicrafts, and cooking. Best of all, a unit planner for each country helps you stay organized, freeing up more of your time to enjoy your family’s global learning adventure.

Want to know how to organize all the materials? Check out the post below for all the details!

planning & organization

How to Prep Global Explorers: South America in Just One Day

Here’s how to prep and organize the Global Explorers curriculum, ensuring you have a clear roadmap for the entire semester and helping you stay organized.

Here’s a quick guide on getting started with the Global Explorers program. If you have any additional questions, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.