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How to Prep the Global Explorers Club: South America Curriculum Unit

So, you’ve downloaded the Global Explorers Club: South America unit. Now you may be wondering, “What do I do with all of these files now?” No worries, here’s how to prep and organize the curriculum, ensuring you have a clear roadmap for the entire semester and helping you stay organized. There’s two ways to prep…

How to Navigate the Notion Database
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How to Navigate the Notion Database

Here’s a quick look at the Global Explorers Club’s curriculum database. It utilizes Notion, an all-in-one digital workspace tool, to provide you with complete flexibility and customization, centralized planning and organization, multimedia integration, and simple progress tracking. The Notion Curriculum Database for the Global Explorers Club The Prep List and the Book List The Task…

Children's books for a unit study on Canada
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What is a Family-Style Homeschool Curriculum?

The Global Explorers Club is an “Around the World” family-style homeschool curriculum. Family-style learning is an approach that involves teaching children of different ages together as a family, rather than separating them by age or grade level. Using a family-style homeschool curriculum can be an enriching educational experience and offers many benefits over a traditional…

Making Words: A Montessori Spelling Activity
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Making Words: A Montessori Spelling Activity

As part of its Language Arts component, the Global Explorers Club implements a fun and engaging spelling program called Making Words. Because the lessons are multilevel, hands-on, and mostly self-correcting, they make a great Montessori spelling activity. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to practice spelling and improve reading and vocabulary among…