Geography Gifts for Kids

Whether your kid is already a geography buff or you’re simply looking to supplement a geography curriculum, these hands-on learning activities and games are sure to be a hit! Have fun discovering the world and making memories together as a family with these fun and educational geography gifts for kids.


Cool Map Gifts

Perfect for kids of all ages, a globe, an atlas, and a world map are among the best geography gifts to ignite a child’s curiosity about the world. Plus, there’s a lot of fun family actitivies and games you can implement into your homeschool day with maps and globes.

Cool Map Gifts

Magnetic World Globe

A globe is a great accessory to have on hand when reading books from around the world with your children. Work together to locate the countries on the globe, or keep track of the countries you’ve studied throughout the year. I really like this magnetic one because it adds a cool tactile component to map drills.

Scratch Off Map of the World

As you work your way through the Global Explorers program, children can scratch off each country your family has studied using this map of the world. Bonus: It also includes the flags of the world!

World Map Kid’s Coloring Tablecloth

Here’s another creative take on a world map. Kids can color, draw, write, and decorate this tablecloth throughout your around the world studies. It’s a nice, quiet activity that can be done during read-aloud time.

Sticker Picture Atlas of the World

The Usborne Sticker Picture Atlas of the World is a fun supplement to add to any geography homeschool curriculum. Kids will enjoy finding and placing the stickers for things they’ve already studied and researching to learn more about the others.

Geography Puzzles

I really like Larsen’s geography puzzles for kids. First, they store flat which ends up saving so much space. Secondly, there’s a plethora of options available, making it pretty easy to find a puzzle that complements your continent studies. For example, there’s South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia, in addition to biome-specific puzzles as well.

Cross Stitch World Map

We’ve had this cross stitch world map on display in our home for several years now, and it’s still one of my favorite decor items. While we haven’t begun to cross stitch it yet, I do think it’ll be a fun project to do together once my children are a little older.

Geography Board Games

Global Explorers encourages families to incorporate gameschooling into their weekly learning routine. Studies continue to show the benefits of play-based learning, and board games are one of the easiest and most effective ways to reinforce learning goals through play. Listed below are some of the best geography board games for elementary students.

Geography Board Games

Trekking the World: A Journey to Earth’s Most Iconic Destinations

Travel around the globe, collect souvenirs, and learn about different parts of the world in this family-friendly board game. Bonus: The artwork is gorgeous and the replay value is high.


Mapominoes is a unique twist on the classic game of Dominoes. Through play, your family will become familiar with each country’s flag as well as its location in relation to others. Mapominoes is available for the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia & Australasia.

Guess in 10: Countries of the World

Perfect for elementary students, Guess in 10: Countries of the World is a trivia and strategy game that helps kids learn about world geography through play. It’s also a great communication game as it allows kids to practice crafting really good questions and remembering the answers.

Geography Gifts for Kids: Just for Fun

Whether you’re cooking up global cuisine together, or learning about coins from different countries, or playing games that other children around the world play, your child will absolutely love learning about the world with these geography gifts that are just plain fun for kids.

Just for Fun

Eat2Explore Cooking Kit

Explore cuisine from around the world alongside your children with Eat2Explore cooking kits. Kids gain practical skills in food preparation while learning about foods from different countries.

Photo © Letters From Afar

Letters From Afar

Subscribe to Letters From Afar to receive a beautifully illustrated, hand-written letter from a different country each month. I guarantee your kids will look forward to receiving their old-fashioned snail mail every month.

Travel Stationary Kit

Gift your children this travel stationary kit so they can write letters to family and friends, sharing what they’re learning about the different countries around the world. Or find a Global Explorers pen pal and forge a new friendship.

Global Kids: 50+ Games, Crafts, Recipes & More from Around the World

Global Kids is also a fun supplement to any geography homeschool curriculum. Each of the cards included in the Global Kids deck features a fun game, or craft, or recipe from a different country around the world.

40 Coins from Different Countries of the World

Children can explore currency from different countries around the world with this pack of coins. Ask guiding questions such as “What do you notice?” and “What do you wonder?” to encourage child-led inquiry and investigation.

Flags of the World

Grab this pack of flags from around the world to supplement your homeschool geography curriculum. Pair them with these flag-making cards to extend creative learning opportunities for your children.

Map Placemats

We grabbed both the world placemat and the United States placemat from Montessori Services a few years back, and they’re still in great condition. Durably laminated, children can use dry-erase markers or Stabilo crayons to doodle and write on the maps during learning activities or just for fun. I’m hoping to add the other geography placemats — Mexico/Central America; South America; Africa; Asia; and Europe — to our collection soon.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out our “Countries of the World” book list, a thoughtfully curated collection of books for each country included in the Global Explorers program.

book list

Countries of the World

Discover the world through literature reading these family-friendly books from all corners of the globe.

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