South America: Elapsed Time Task Cards

Elapsed Time Task Cards


Fuel your students’ curiosity and inspire independent exploration with our Elapsed Time Task Cards! These cards transport students to exciting locations throughout South America, challenging them to solve real-world elapsed time problems.

From calculating the duration of a trip to Angel Falls to determining the length of a guided tour of the Pantanal Wetlands, your students will practice essential math skills while being introduced to some of South America’s most renowned landmarks, national parks, and cultural activities.

You will receive 30 self-correcting elapsed time cards featuring 9 countries throughout South America.

Print on cardstock using double-sided printing, so children are able to check their answers after completing each task card. Laminate for increased durability.

For easy storage, punch a hole in the top left-hand corner of each task card and attach them to a ring binder clip.

Students will gain proficiency in calculating different time intervals while learning more about the geography and culture of Africa.

These elapsed time task cards include intervals of whole hours, half-hour divisions, quarter-hour divisions, and precise hour-minute delineations.

What you get

With your purchase

You will receive 30 self-correcting elapsed time task cards that introduce students to some of South America’s most famous cultural landmarks, geographic features, and more.

  • By connecting math to real-world places and activities, our elapsed time task cards help inspire students to delve deeper into self-directed, independent studies of the countries they explore.
  • These word problems involve scenarios from everyday life, such as traveling or scheduling events. This real-world context helps students see the practical applications of math in their daily life.
  • The task cards are ready to use with minimal preparation.

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What’s Covered

Critical Thinking

Solving elapsed time word problems requires students to think critically.

Problem-Solving Skills

Word problems encourage the development of problem-solving skills.

Math Concepts

Elapsed time problems allow students to practice fundamental addition and subtraction skills.

Units of Time

These task cards help reinforce the understanding of units of time, including minutes and hours.

Time Management

By solving problems related to elapsed time, students gain a better sense of time management.

Estimation Skills

Students can practice estimating before performing their calculations while working with these task cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

These task cards are primarily designed for elementary students, typically ranging from grades 3 to 5. However, they can be adapted to suit various skill levels.

These task cards can be integrated into geography lessons by exploring the African countries and landmarks mentioned in the problems. Additionally, you can incorporate discussions about the culture, history, and traditions of these places.

Yes, answers are provided for each set of task cards, allowing for easy checking and self-correction. This helps students learn from their mistakes and build independence in their math skills.

I take pride in delivering high-quality digital resources. Kindly be aware that, as a digital product provider, I am unable to process returns.

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