Ted Harrison Art Projects for Kids

Experiment with color, line, and form with these easy Ted Harrison art projects for kids. In addition to his lively and cheerful paintings, the popular Canadian artist serves as a great inspiration for following your dreams and being authentic to your true self.

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A Brush Full of Colour: The World of Ted Harrison

Margriet Ruurs has written a great picture book biography about Canadian artist Ted Harrison. It includes many examples of his work and would be a wonderful resource to include alongside your study of Ted Harrison.

Check it out >

Ted Harrison is a famous Canadian painter, widely known for his abstract paintings of the northern landscapes. Full of vibrant colors, his paintings were meant to highlight the beauty he encountered after moving to the Yukon.

Despite his popularity, he was initially met with criticism early in his career. However, he wasn’t deterred. During his lifetime, he promoted authenticity and spoke about the importance of being true to who you are and persevering in the face of criticism.

What is Ted Harrison’s Style of Art?

Ted Harrison developed his own unique abstract style of art, where he experimented with color, line, and form. He was heavily influenced by nature. In an interview with author Katherine Gibson for her book Ted Harrison: Painting Paradise, he referred to his art style as “The School of Cheery.”

What Inspired Ted Harrison to Paint?

Ted Harrison spent many years traveling the world, first to India, then to Egypt and Kenya, followed by visits to Germany and Scotland, and then he accepted teaching posts in Malaysia and New Zealand before finally settling in Canada.

He studied the colors in the landscapes he visited, as well as the people. However, upon noticing much sadness throughout the world, he vowed his paintings would impart positivity. He noted, “There’s enough sadness and misery in the world without hanging it on our walls.”

Ted Harrison said, "We should all try to spread a little happiness wherever we may be."

How to Make Ted Harrison-Inspired Art

Making Ted Harrison-inspired art with kids is so much fun! In these projects, encourage children to experiment with bright, vivid colors and flowing lines. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce color theory.

3 Creative Art Projects for Kids Inspired by Ted Harrison

Ted Harrison Art Project: Landscape Painting

There are several wonderful tutorials showing how to make a Ted Harrison-inspired landscape painting. You’ll need just a few simple supplies, including watercolor paper; gouache, acrylic, or tempera paint; and paintbrushes.

In some of Ted Harrison’s paintings, he chose to outline each block of color within his painting. You may choose to follow a similar style using either a paintbrush, an acrylic paint pen, or an oil pastel crayon.

Using a pencil, children should lightly sketch in their landscape design. My youngest child chose to begin painting her landscape at this point. My oldest child opted instead to use an acrylic paint pen to trace her sketch lines, and then she proceeded to paint her landscape.

A child begins painting a Ted Harrison art-inspired landscape.
A child works on a Ted Harrison art project -- a landscape painting with bright, vivid colors and flowing lines.
The book, A Brush Full of Colour: The World of Ted Harrison by Margriet Ruurs, is pictured alongside two Ted Harrison art projects for kids, both landscape paintings.

Ted Harrison Art Project: Landscape Paper Collage

For our second Ted Harrison art project, I introduced paper collage to my kids. Using construction paper, scissors, stencils, and glue, this is a great hands-on opportunity for children to experiment with form.

Recommended Art Supplies

First, gather your supplies — construction paper, scissors, stencils, and pencils and/or pens.

Tru-Ray construction paper, Learning Resources Primary Shapes stencils, scissors, markers, and TICONDEROGA Tri-Write triangular pencils

Have children begin drawing a flowing line across one sheet of construction paper.

A child begins drawing a flowing line on a piece of construction paper while working on a paper collage Ted Harrison art project.

Cut out the landscape form.

A child cuts a piece of construction paper while working on a paper collage Ted Harrison art project.

Place the first landscape form onto your primary background sheet of paper.

A child works on a paper collage Ted Harrison art project.

Create more landscape forms using different colors of construction paper. Experiment with the layout. Use the stencils to create additional shapes. Here, one of my children wanted to add red snow onto one of her landscape forms.

A child works on a paper collage Ted Harrison art project.

When ready, help children glue their landscape forms onto their background sheet of paper.

Paper collage Ted Harrison art projects are a great way for children to experiment with form, line, and color. #homeschoolart

Ted Harrison Art Project: Beeswax Crayon Drawing

If you’re looking for a Ted Harrison-inspired art project that’s super quick and easy, look no further than beeswax crayon drawings. These can also be used as a preliminary sketch prior to painting if your children choose.

Tools you’ll need

First, sketch a landscape drawing. Then fill in each landscape block using the beeswax crayons.

Stabilo beeswax crayons being used to create a Ted Harrison art project.

Next, use an acrylic paint pen or a marker to outline each block.

Ted Harrison art project for kids: Beeswax crayon drawings

I like to offer my children smaller size sheets of paper, such as 2×3 and 4×6. Inspired by Ted Harrison, these beeswax crayon sketches have been really popular with my oldest child, who is currently in 3rd grade. With no clean up involved, these are a quick and easy art project.

I hope these examples of Ted Harrison-inspired art projects are helpful to you. He’s such a fun and inspirational artist to study as you explore Canada with your children.

Ted Harrison said, "I urge you to keep on reading, writing and painting. Develop your own style and keep it honest and true to who you are.

Find inspiration in the world around you, 
and you will make the world a happier
and more creative place."

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